Friday, April 7, 2017

[Volcano_Vista_HS] VVHS Top Ten Congratulations

We want to thank everyone who helped with last Tuesday night's VVHS Top 10 Banquet and would like to congratulate the students who had the top 10 GPAs in their respective classes (listed alphabetically):


Danielle Beacham-Herrera

Alison Bratkovic

Maritza Chavez

Jessica Coonrod

August Finke

Danielle Land

Brittney Love

Hallie Simoes

Carly Strickland

Kaitlyn Zbylut



Mary Arnhart

Valerie Fong

Nathan Gonzales

Lillie Kolich

Mikayla Mendoza

Samantha Pellman

Naomi Rankin

Matthew Sanchez

Troy Sims

Brooke Williams



Zachary Bernius

Natalia Corwell

Sandra Dorr

Dhara Eizaguirre

Nicolas Estrada

Kaylee Furness

Takota Johnson

Francis Julian Oroyan

Anthony Sharma

Lesa Waterer




Special thanks to the following for donating time and money to the banquet:


Susie Weidner

Creating and printing certificates

Petroglyph Printing

Donating paper to print program covers


Coonrod Family

Table decorations donation


Parent Advisory

Organizing the event; providing pins and certificates; student and staff banquet fees

Top 10 Dinner Committee:

  • Debbie Cox

  • Jacque Larsen

  • Mary Alice Salazar

  • Jolene Wolfley

  • Julie Coonrod

  • Shannon Steckbeck


Also, thank you to Connie Ewing for help with data organization, phone calls, parent/student communication as well as to Manuel Alzaga and the VVHS Custodial night crew for their help with set up and clean up.


PS.  For those of you wondering, we wait until sophomore year to start recognizing students because we do not have enough GPA data Freshman year to select only 10 students (there are too many with the same GPAs)


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