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[Geology2] Fwd: Don't miss an issue of Fossil News magazine in 2017!

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Subject: Don't miss an issue of Fossil News magazine in 2017!

Dear Colleague:


This Spring, the "new" Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology began its second year under new editorship.


Fossil News is a full-color quarterly print magazine – you can hold it in your hands and turn the pages. Each number is a collectible: visually attractive and chock full of national and international news from the world of vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology, advice for amateur and paraprofessional fossil collectors, paleoart & fossil photography, original book reviews, updates on important issues in paleontology and related fields, and much more.


We're convinced there's never been a better time for well-written, high-quality information for amateur and paraprofessional fossil enthusiasts. Here's some of what's coming up in our Spring 2017 issue (on sale now):


·        An essay by the American Museum of Natural History's Carl Mehling: What *Is* a Fossil?

·        A tour of the amazing Am Löwentor Museum in Stuttgart

·        Mike Keesey's Paleocene, a new comic

·        The Pleistocene Megafauna site in McMinnville, Oregon

·        The Geoblitz Project: A museum takes inventory to make its collections more accessible

·        Our Spring Book Focus, with reviews of new publications in paleo

·        the featured paleoartist for Spring, Stanton Fink


Don't miss an issue. Subscribe today! Annual subscriptions are only $50/year (domestic), and subscribers receive an automatic 10% discount off our already low display advertising rates plus 12% off gift subscriptions. Classified ads are always free to subscribers.


Fossil News also offers opportunities to:


·        Write! Each issue features original contributions by professionals, seasoned collectors, and amateurs. Fossil News is a great place to publish work that deserves to be seen by the public that most closely shares your interests. Contact us and tell us what you'd like to write -- features on your favorite fossil, book reviews, field-trip reports, descriptions of your research, and essays on questions that intrigue you – or pass this information on to your students, friends, and colleagues.

·        Advertise! Fossil News is a great opportunity to reach a wide audience. It's hard to imagine a more targeted group than Fossil News subscribers, and we keep our advertising rates low because it's the right way to treat our colleagues.

·        Sell! If you have a store or museum shop, Fossil News is an eye-grabbing, collectible quarterly. To help you and your customers become acquainted with Fossil News, we're making this special offer: We'll send you copies of any issue of Fossil News at our cost for you to resell. If you and your customers like them, we'll negotiate a price for subsequent issues that's fair to both of us.


Full information regarding subscriptions, advertising, and back issues is on our site:


Wendell Ricketts

Editor & Publisher
Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology | @Fossil_News


P.S. Here's just some of the praise we've received so far:


"Thank you for a great Issue. Wonderful topics and beautiful photos and drawings. I'm happy and keep up the good work." | "Your first issue of Fossil News just arrived and it is beautifully done! Your choice of articles was well thought out.... This would look perfect sitting on magazine racks in libraries and bookstores. | "Fossil News is a great source of information and inspiration for the many thousands of avocational paleontologists around the world. The production quality is excellent." | FANTASTIC!!! Fossil News is alive again and continuing forth in the tradition of getting spiffier with time.



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