Saturday, August 5, 2017

Re: [californiadisasters] North Ops News & Notes Update (8/01-04/17)

167.5000  primary  AG 14
169.1125  secondary  AG 59

On 8/5/2017 21:10:30, 'Rick Bates (WA6NHC)' [californiadisasters] <> wrote:


Try 167.500


Tiny iPhone keypad & spiel Czech happens

On Aug 5, 2017, at 8:54 PM, Gaffit [californiadisasters] <> wrote:


Anyone know what USFS Air to Ground 14 is?  IE Freq? 

Heard it mentioned today while listening to Plumas on 170.550.


Portola, CA

Pamela Alley wrote:

Things have been crazy here, too, after I evacuated for the Wall fire (no need, thank all the gods).  Haven't been doing much scanning lately.  Do what I can.


Posted by: "Brian Verhalen" <>

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