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Re: [Geology2] Re: Study finds synchronicity in earthquakes --Fireflies

You are welcome, Eman,

And apologies for the misunderstanding... the myth part has to do with linking fireflies to quakes. As there are almost as many different patterns of blinking as there are species, that would make for a virtually impossible connection between them and quakes, past, present, or future.

The shame is that I lived in the area for roughly a year and although I could name and show you every pig path in the Smokies, I did not witness the firefly display. I did manage to see all the caves, waterfalls, and as many geological formations to which I could hike. Clingman's Dome was always a favorite, and the sidetrip to Cherokee was loverly, as well.


On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 4:40 PM, Emman <> wrote:

No flame at all I said so far as I recall--I am happy to know that this event has seen more research. I don't see the myth part, it is no "myth" that there are syncronious firefly mating displays. I've known about this behavior for 40+ years and have seen them before they became a popular tourist event.

The ones at Elkmont in the Smokeys mass in a large clearing and build up to sync not unlike pebbles in a pond which send out circular waves until all in the group sync all at once. I know the whole show is hard to describe but awesome to watch. Other than popularity with the locals I am not sure in ight of this report what the distinction would be. Other than a casual interest, I am not an expert in fireflys to say for sure.

It is great that more populations have been identified in the past 4 decades. Early on, there was a lot of concern that one a catastrophic forest fire could wipe out the species/habitat.

I am unaware if those other populations enjoy the same celebrity that those in the Smokeys do. But if there is a naturalist groups elsewhere wh are hosting visits, I recommend it-- worth a "look-see" at least once in your life. I am unaware if anyone has videos owing that this occurs well after sundown.

Thanks for the link Lin!


--- In, Lin Kerns <linkerns@...> wrote:
> Not to start a "flame" war (bad, bad joke), but that particular species is found up the Eastern Seaboard to Pennsylvania and down to Georgia. .... Another myth bites the dust. :)

> Lin
> On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 9:02 PM, Emman <mstreman53@...> wrote:

Again--So far as I recall, this display is only known from two locations on the globe. IF you are a naturalist and live near the Smokeys then this is a bucket-list "tick mark" you should see once in your life. The Smokey Mountain Heritage Center in Townsend TN in conjunction with the National Park Service sponsors the tours Late May to mid June.

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