Friday, May 27, 2011

Re: [californiadisasters] Admin Read: A why is it (we are still talking about this)?

When did I say Lynn was a racist I said the statement was and that my opinion like it leave it hate me me I'll be named before I apologize for that. 

Too many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines shed real blood for me to bastardize that.  

As for peace out ... You're kidding right?

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On May 27, 2011, at 19:19, Kim Noyes <> wrote:

Why the hell are we still talking about this at all let alone NOT on the discussion list where I herded it a few days ago?

However, some things here need to be clarified and shall be done so cross-posted to the discussion list and any responses better be there, Nothing sticks a flaming stick up my ass more than on-list flames so this ends now.

Lynn is no racist and given how serious a charge that is one better have plenty to back it up.

Lynn is in fact a "progressive" (actually more accurately a Neo-Progressive as Classic Progressives like Earl Warren and going further back than that are from Lynn's parent's and grandparent's generation and no longer exist). Lynn lives in the Big Easy with plenty of black and white ebonics speakers and non-speakers alike and is more exposed to it than most of us and is qualified to speak on the topic.

The black (there is no such thing as "African-American" unless I'm a European-American and if anybody referred to me as such I'd give them a look like they were a complete idiot) underclass speaks ebonics while the black middle class and upper class do not. The same is true of much of White America with young "wiggers" (wannabe inner city blacks) speaking in ebonics (as does much of the brown urban lower class) while the white (and brown) middle and upper classes do not speak in ebonics.

The urban black underclass invented ebonics but it has caught on in society across all ethnic boundaries and even to be cool many in the middle and upper classes of all breeds of American citizens use it myself included(Sup dog?/You go girl!). 

Peace ~ Out !!!

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Louis N. Molino, Sr. <> wrote:


The statement "With African American, it's "ebonics"" 

Is among the most inaccurate incorrect downright wring and frankly racist statements I've heard on a list in a while. 

Ebonics is an abomination and while the vast numbers of folks that speak it are black the vast majority of African Americans certainty do not use Ebonics on every day conversation. 

Oh and I'm a white middle class republican male who makes about 6 figures and I'm insulted.    

Louis N. Molino, Sr. CET
Training Program Manager
Fire & Safety Specialists, Inc. 
Typed by my fingers on my iPhone. 
Please excuse any typos.  
(979) 690-7562 (Office Fax)

On May 27, 2011, at 18:38, wrote:

With African American, it's "ebonics", and with Native Americans I suspect

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