Sunday, May 29, 2011

Re: [californiadisasters] If a Tornado Were Headed Toward You, What Would You Do?

the other place to listen to a "good" station that keeps up on the weather.  I sat south of the town I live in for 20 minutes waiting for the all clear, tornado, to be announced so I could continue to my home. Listen, watch the skies, and don't be stupid about not seaking shelter. In 2001 a man in Hoisington, KS died because he refused to seek shelter until the sirens sounded, they didn't and he was the only death.

On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 5:50 PM, Lin Kerns <> wrote:

Having been visited by a few twisters in my lifetime, I'd like to politely point out something that's missing from this article: the responsibility of every adult to monitor weather conditions. I realize in CA that forecasting can't be as precise as those forecasts farther east, but while I lived out in CA, I monitored the weather constantly and although I spent a great deal of time in the Colorado Desert, I was never surprised by any unusual weather activity.

I would not go shopping if severe weather was in the forecast or if I saw an approaching weather system with a cold/warm mix of air. Every smartphone has the capability of having an app for radar and local forecasts for anywhere in the US. I would go to the movies here in TN, but not in CA, due to the differences in building material (concrete blocks reinforced with rebar).

I have been caught out in a freak blizzard, but I outran it. I have left school, 81 miles away, and outran a funnel cloud only to catch up to another one on the destination end and having to slow down. Thanks to my portable scanner and the radar app on my phone, I managed to dodge both. I've had some near misses, but that was in the days before all the techie gadgets.

I'm not saying everyone needs to go all out and buy a lot of electronic gizmos, but I am saying that one should be responsible for their own lives. Guess I'm asking too much, though.


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On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 3:52 PM, Kim Noyes <> wrote:

If a Tornado Were Headed Toward You, What Would You Do? 

By Fred Mann | The Wichita Eagle

WICHITA, Kan. — A lesson from the tragedy in Joplin, Mo., is that tornadoes may strike with little or no warning, hidden by rain or nearly transparent until they kick up dust and debris.

You might be shopping, visiting a nursing home, driving a car or attending a movie.

Emergency officials recommend following these basic guidelines if you find yourself in an unfamiliar place when a tornado approaches:

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