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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (April 9)

2013: An area of low pressure moved in from the northwest, resulting in strong westerly winds through the passes and over the deserts.
Winds gusted 40-50 mph on the floor of the Coachella Valley, with gusts up to 80-90 mph along the desert slopes.
Damage to trees and structures, as well as blowing dust and sand, were reported in Borrego Springs and Palm Springs.

Two funnel clouds were observed four miles southwest of San Diego-Lindbergh Field.
Thunderstorms produced accumulations of hail up to 1" deep that caused travel chaos along Interstate 10 in Fontana and Interstate 8 in Alpine.
In Fontana more than 100 cars were involve d in a series of chain-reaction accidents.
Near Alpine, 28 cars, two big rigs and a tour bus wrecked along a seven-mile stretch of Interstate 8.

1999: The Desert Rock Airport near Mercury, NV (due east of Death Valley) received 0.2" of snow.

1999: It was 19° F in Palomar Mountain, the lowest temperature on record for April.

1989: The high temperature at Reno, NV, was 83° F.

1975: The Padres' home game against the San Francisco Giants was rained out at (then) San Diego Stadium.
This also occurred the previous day on 4.8.1975.

1974: Strong winds in the deserts and coastal areas downed power lines, overturned numerous small craft in the rough seas between San Diego and the Channel Islands, and damaged a freighter at L.A. Harbor.
In Palm Springs, wind gusts to 60 mph overturned a trailer at a construction site and caused roof damage to many homes.

1965: A cold late-season storm that started on 4.7 and ended on 4.11 brought heavy rainfall and snowfall to the region (SoCal).
Over the period 7.66" of precipitation fell in Lake Arrowhead (with nearly 50" of new snow).
5.44" fell in Palomar Mountain (with 13" of snow), 4.36" in Big Bear Lake, 4.25" at Cuyamaca, and 3.14" in Idyllwild (with 24" of snow).
1.5"-2" of rain fell across the coastal basin.
Mountain roads were closed.

1953: Fresno had its latest freezing minimum, 32° F.
This is also the coldest temperature on record in April in Fresno (also on April 1, 1975 and April 7, 1932).

 Bishop, CA recorded a low temperature of 15° F ..
This is the coldest low temperature in April.

1953: Paso Robles dropped to 25° F setting a record low temperature for the month.

1952: A heavy thunderstorm dropped hail south of Fresno that stripped canes from grape vines and damaged fruit trees.
The high winds also beat down alfalfa crops.

1920: 12" of snow fell at Portola.

Source: NWS Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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