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[californiadisasters] Re: [California's Earthquake Forum] Of Ugly Step-Children & Yahell Frack-ups

I just checked out and it looks really good-especially the ability to integrate other websites and storage sites. That's my vote. Personally, I think it would breathe new life into the group.


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The platform she mentioned is one which has a lot of blind subscribers to different groups, and I can vouch that it is a wonderful platform indeed, as I belong to several groups who use it. Jim


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Thanks Kate, it is an interesting platform. We will continue to look at the options, as we have been doing throughout the years. Should the need arise to move the group it would be done, and in such a way and to a platform, which our members find the most the most convenient and useful. This Group has been here on Yahoo, and active, since 2001 despite the many changes the company has gone though.

In short, I and the Group's Co-Owner, Catlan, do not see any compelling need for moving it. As always, your comments are encouraged and welcomed.    


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I've had good luck with




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I'll take that fight Kim. Because one feature is not working correctly or allowing you access at this time, though I was able to to so, is no reason to get all puffed out of shape. Let's take a look at things and see if any settings have changed or whatever before asking if we should pull up stakes and get out off Yahoo.. Really Kim, Facebook or Twitter? Those are really not set up for the posting that our groups do when something happens. Granted, the amounts of posting here has cooled down from the amounts in the past but what's the big deal? How much has occurred to post about?

You have Cal Disasters on Facebook, how do the replies and topics compare between platforms? Are you getting more information in and out, more in-depth content? From what I see, I do not think so. And, Twitter would be considered a contender platform how? Again, I have seen Cal Disasters on Twitter and it is not the same. Links, short video clips and tweets just do not do it. Maybe it's just me but prefer quality to quantity.. 







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Ok, for me, groups work. So what about setting up this in google groups? If you go to face book etc. I'm out. Jim

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Today is the 112th anniversary of the last major rupture of the San Andreas Fault Zone in Northern California (Loma Prieta in 1989 was not major). This led to an urban conflagration of San Francisco in the days following for which the disaster is most remembered.

Typically, CaliforniaDisasters and CaliforniasEarthquakeForum members receive automatic Calendar event announcements of this disaster (and others) with a brief description... These were not issued this morning for both groups. In fact, the last automatic one received for CaliforniaDisasters members was February 10, 2018 (two of them) and for CaliforniasEarthquakeForum was February 9, 2018.

This morning I have repeatedly tried to get into the Calendar events feature from within the home page web interface for both groups and received this message each time: "Your access to this calendar is being processed. Please check back later." I'm sorry, but I'm over it!

It is time for the CaliforniaDisasters family to have this discussion again: do we continue on Yahell Groups? What strong arguments remain to keep this version going when the Facebook and Twitter and Reddit versions (especially the Twitter) versions are so much superior and clearly Yahell treats their groups service as their ugly step-children?

For those who feel technologically limited and believe they can only do Yahoo Groups, I'm willing to get on the phone with you and walk you through the process of getting set up on Twitter which is actually quite amazing for our purposes. Retired moderator Gene Salvetti made the same argument in the early part of this decade and I poo-pooed it at the time. Later, I converted, realizing the deepening quietude on the fire and earthquake Yahell groups was not an expression of disinterest in the subject but rather that folks had moved on to better platforms like forums (example: the late Hotlist) and Twitter for sure. Twitter features hundreds and thousands of great fire and earthquake and other disaster accounts of which I follow 802 of them and only share the best and more relevant stuff so even if you only follow me on Twitter you will be getting a very synthesized and cleaned-up stream of useful and relevant information but with visuals like photos and GIFs and even short WEBMs as well as commentary from scientists and first responders and emergency managers, et al.

Let the dialogue commence. For those making the argument we stay here my initial response is FIGHT ME! :-p

Der Gruppen Oberfuhrer



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Kim Noyes

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