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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (April 10)

2016: A funnel cloud was reported northwest of the Perris Airport.

A man and woman were killed when a large wave swept them off a Newport Beach jetty. Surf to nine feet was occurring in the area at the time.

Second frosty morning of the month (after a heavy frost on the 4th) resulted in a total of over $131 million in damage to crops.
Hanford dipped to 34° for a low, Lemon Cove had 33° F and Corcoran 32° F.

1991: String winds blew across the Tehachapis and Kern County deserts, with a 75 mph gust recorded in Tehachapi Pass.
Crops suffered damage and visibility dropped to near zero in some areas.
Highway 41 was closed due to the blowing dust in one spot.

1991: Strong winds raked the Southwest as an intense area of low pressure and associated
cold front swept across the region.
Winds of 25-45 mph and gusts to 70 mph were common in the deserts.
Widespread blowing dust and sand were reported.

1965: Mount Hamilton received 16" of snow -- an all-time record.

 Searchlight, NV (between Las Vegas & Needles), recorded 0..16" of rain.
This was the 10th day in a row of at least a trace of rainfall, setting a record.

1965: A cold late-season storm that started on 4.7 and ended on 4.11 brought heavy rainfall and snowfall to the region.
Over the period 7.66" of precipitation fell in Lake Arrowhead (with nearly 50" of new snow).
5.44" fell in Palomar Mountain (with 13" of snow), 4.36" in Big Bear Lake, 4.25" at Cuyamaca, and 3.14" in Idyllwild (with 24 inches of snow).
1.5"-2" of rain fell across the coastal basin.
Mountain roads were closed.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Las Vegas, & San Diego




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