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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (April 11)

2014: Minimum temperatures in the San Joaquin Valley remained mild in the morning hours due to a recent warm spell, and cloud cover that persisted during the overnight hours
inhibited radiational cooling.

Thunderstorms brought 1" diameter (quarter-size) hail to Hanford and Traver and numerous reports of pea-size or larger hail to these locations, as well as Lemoore.
Four severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for these areas.
Roads were briefly impassible (including highway 99) where hail covered 2"-3" of ground,
including northeast of Hanford and around Traver.

1999: San Jose only had a high of 52° F. 

A mountain wave rotor generated wind gusts of 76 mph at Mojave in the early morning hours taking down power poles and blowing the roof of a mobile home.
In nearby Rosamond, 49 power poles were downed and a window broke on a store.
A number of homes lost shingles in California City and a small shed was lifted airborne here in addition to fences being knocked over.

1982: A combination of snowmelt and rainfall caused the Merced River to overflow it's banks and flood parts of Yosemite Valley damaging parts of the Headquarters building and washing out parts of a road.

 Bishop, CA recorded 1.58" of rain, which was the greatest one day total in April.

1967: 2.18" of precipitation fell in Big Bear Lake, the greatest daily amount on record for April.
10" of snow fell in Palomar Mountain, the greatest daily snowfall on record for April.
This also occurred on 4.17.1963.

Strong winds surfaced in the deserts.
The winds disrupted travel along Interstate 10 and Highway 111, and sand blasted cars and homes in Palm Springs and Indio.

1965: A cold late-season storm that started on 4.7 and ended on 4.11 brought heavy rainfall and snowfall to the region.
Over the period 7.66" of precipitation fell in Lake Arrowhead (with nearly 50" of new snow).
5.44" fell in Palomar Mountain (with 13" of snow), 4.36" in Big Bear Lake, 4.25"  at Cuyamaca, and 3.14" in Idyllwild (with 24" of snow).
1.5"-2" of rain fell across the coastal basin.
Mountain roads were closed.

1953: It was 31° F in Santa Ana, the lowest temperature on record for April.

1941: It snowed 3" in Victorville, the greatest daily snowfall on record for April and the latest measurable snowfall of the season.

1922: It was 30° F in Escondido, the lowest temperature on record for April.

1911: 6" of snow fell at Cedarville (in Surprise Valley, Modoc Co.).

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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