Sunday, April 22, 2018

[Volcano_Vista_HS] Parent Involvement Opportunity at VVHS

We are now accepting nominations for all of next year's Parent Advisory officers.


The positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Nominations will close end of day May 1st.    Send nominations to

The election will be held Tuesday, May 3rd at the final Parent Advisory Meeting of the Year (11:30 am in the VVHS Office Conference Room--see note below).

Nominees so far are:   President (Denise Winn), Vice-President (Nicole Ortiz),

                                        Treasurer (Mary Alice Salazar), Secretary (open)


Even though we have some nominees, all positions are considered open until the vote is taken May 3rd.

Maybe you don't want to be an officer, but would like to lead an area like staff appreciation or dance support.

Let us know that too!


Here is a listing of all the fun events we supported during the 2017-18 year.


Showed teachers and staff we appreciate them:   Monthly employee recognition with gift cards, beginning of year lunch, pie day celebration, holiday cinnamon rolls, treat bags during conferences, popcorn bar during testing, end of year luncheon, paper drive. (Special thanks:  Nicole Ortiz, Stephanie White, Debra Alba, Brenda Granger, Mary Alice Salazar, Denise Winn, Katherine Auh, Kathy Patton, Vanessa Alarid)


Honored students for excellence:   Purchased the student agendas; organized and funded the academic letter ceremony; organized and funded the dinner for the top ten students by GPA in sophomore to senior classes; funded four art awards.  (Special thanks:  Kathryn Auh, Brenda Granger, Stephanie White, Mary Alice Salazar, Kathy Patton)


General help:  Help with registration, homecoming and prom dances, technology lunches, after school patrols  (Special thanks:  Mary Alice Salazar, Brenda Granger, Denise Winn, Stephanie White, Nicole Ortiz, Debra Alba, Amy Newton, Vanessa Alarid, Mr. Ortiz, and one other Dad)   I apologize for anyone I overlooked….


Participated in the VVHS Instructional Council (Special thanks:  Denise Winn, Brenda Granger)

Kept the parents informed about VVHS (Special thanks:  Brenda Granger)


Thanks to officers for this past year:  Vice Presidents (Brenda Granger and Debra Alba),

                                                                  Treasurer (Mary Alice Salazar), and Secretary (Vanessa Alarid)


It has been my pleasure to work with these great parents who love VVHS and give of their extra time and resources to make the school a happier place to be. 

Thanks to all the parents who donated paper, desserts and drinks for various events.  And thanks to those who helped us in many ways throughout the year.


Jolene Wolfley, President

VVHS Parent Advisory



Parent Advisory has the best attendance for daytime meetings.  We held two meetings in the evening and those meetings had the lowest attendance


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