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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (May 3)

2004: It was 105° F in Santa Ana, the highest temperature on record for May.

2003: A total of five funnel clouds were sighted during the afternoon hours in Kern County and Merced County.

2003: On this day no measurable rain fell in San Diego, something that would not happen for 181 consecutive days until 11.1, making this dry streak the second longest on record.

1986: Three die and one was rescued from a boat accident on the Salton Sea.
Very strong winds caused turbulent waters.

1966: A thunderstorm produced powerful winds in Lindsay that blew down trees and TV antennas, damaged utilities, signboards and cars and unroofed a hangar.

1964: 12" of snow fell at Tahoe City (west shore Lake Tahoe), tied for its all-time record one-day total for May.

1959: A tornado hit North Island Naval Air Station.
A metal shelter was picked up.
Power lines and trees were downed and debris scattered.

1950: 15" of snow fell at Truckee, its all-time record one-day total for May.

1942: A low of 38° F was recorded in Las Vegas, NV, setting a May record. 
This is also the latest low in the 30s on record in Las Vegas. 

1938: Cold snap sent Huntington Lake to 6° F, lowest on record here in May.

1915: Los Gatos only had a high of 54° F.

1915: The low temperature of 45° F in San Diego was the lowest on record for May.

1906: Warmest low ever in May in Bakersfield, 80° F.

1892: Lowest high temperature ever in the month of May at Fresno, 52° F.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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