Saturday, May 13, 2017

[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (May 12)

2014: A dust devil in Fullerton came abruptly out of the west with estimated wind gusts of 60
It carried large amounts of dust and leaves, and damaged portions of roof shingles on a few homes.

Record high temperatures reached in most locations due to strong high pressure over
the region. 
Fresno tied the all-time record high maximum temperature reached on Mother's Day.

El NiƱo's last gasp brought rare rain to San Diego and rained out the first Padres game in Mission Valley in over 15 years.

1998: Lodgepole received 17" of snow and Grant Grove 13.3" (both are in Sequoia-Kings Canyon N.P.).
1998: 6" of snow fell at Virginia City, NV, while Dyer received 3.5" of snow

1976: Richmond had a high temperature of 100° F. 

1976: It was 105° F at Paso Robles, establishing a record high for the month. 

1968: Minden, NV, recorded 1.08" of precipitation.

1959: The high temperature at Reno, NV, was 89° F.

Source: NWS Hanford, Reno, San Francisco/Monterey, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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