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[Volcano_Vista_HS] VVHS New Principal Survey

VVHS Parents,


Many of you have heard that our Principal, Valerie Atencio, will be leaving Volcano Vista next year to pursue an HR position with the district.  We have been asked to collect data from parents via this informal, preliminary survey, but have been given a short window of time.  Please reply to this e-mail with your selections (and/or open ended comments) by 3:00PM this Friday, May 19.   Thank you for your input!




1. Please select the most important leadership characteristic in the VVHS Principal:

A. works with all members of the school community

B. uses data to make instructional decisions on students' success and achievement C. ensures highly qualified teachers are in the school

D. honors diversity, including history and traditions in making instructional and school policy decisions


2. Please select the most important communication/relationship-building characteristic:

A. engages in honest and respectful interactions with all stakeholders

B. builds and sustains relationships to promote a climate of cooperation and student success

C. demonstrates strong speaking, writing, and active listening skills

D. consistently communicates with all stakeholders current school issues and student achievement


3. Please select the most important professional growth priority:

A. the principal provides professional learning opportunities on an ongoing basis for the school's teachers

B. the principal engages the community in understanding the teaching and learning that is happening within the classroom

C. the principal leads the school staff toward higher levels of cultural proficiency and sensitivity

D. The principal provides training to the school staff on the social and emotional well being of students


4.  Please select the most important daily school management priority:

A. the principal ensures that the campus is clean B. the principal ensures that the campus is safe C. the principal manages the school budget and resources to maximize student success D. the principal complies with federal and state mandates (e.g. Special Education Laws)


5.  Please select the most important student engagement strategy:

A. the principal is visible at all after school activities/events

B. options are offered to students to participate in after school activities/events

C. the principal supports the development of student skills in the areas of critical thinking, perseverance, collaboration, and creativity

D. the principal promotes opportunities for students to assume ownership and responsibility of their learning



6. Please provide any additional input regarding important characteristics and/or qualifications for the school's new principal.


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