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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (May 23)

2014: Thunderstorms over the mountains of San Diego County drifted over the adjacent deserts. Flash flooding occurred along and north of Highway 78, south of Borrego Springs.

 Winds gusted to 85 mph from the west-northwest at Mojave during the evening hours; sustained winds exceeded 70 mph at times due to strong trough of low pressure over much of the western United States. 
Other locations in southeastern Kern County clocked wind gusts around 70-80 mph, especially below passes and canyons.

A strong late season cold low pressure system brought significant weather changes to the southern Great Basin and Mojave Desert.
Earlier in the week Las Vegas set a record high temperature of 108° F falling just one degree shy of the all-time May record.
Four days later, on this date, the high temperature only reached 67° F which set a daily record for the coolest high temperature.
Also on May 22, Las Vegas set its all-time lowest May altimeter reading of 29.27".
Showers and thunderstorms developed around the region with several locations reporting small hail.
Mount Charleston received around 3" of snowfall down to the 7500 foot level.

2001: It was 116° F in Palm Springs, the highest temperature on record for May
This also occurred on 5.28.2003 and 5.28.1983.

2000: Cottonwood Cove (NV side Lake Mojave) reaches 116° F for a high.

1990: Winds gusting up to 45 mph across the southern San Joaquin Valley created widespread areas of blowing dust with near zero visibility. 
Several vehicle pile-ups resulted in Kern and Tulare Counties, with one pile-up 8 miles south of Tulare resulting in one death and 18 injuries. 
Three people were injured in the two pile-ups around Bakersfield.

1987: China Lake NAS clocked a 79 mph gust from the east.

1962: Salinas had a low temperature of 35° F. 

1960: A 9.6 magnitude earthquake hit Chile. 
Waves eight feet above normal hit San Diego. 
Tide currents were estimated at 20 to 25 knots. 
Docks near Pt. Loma were destroyed and extensive damage occurred to docks throughout San Diego harbor. 
A barge broke in half in Quivira Basin of Mission Bay. 
Ferry service to Coronado was disrupted. 
In LA a scuba diver drowned, there was major damage ($1 million) to small craft.

1932: Strong winds and low humidity hit San Diego County. 
12 serious brush fires resulted, blackening nearly 2000 acres in San Diego County. 
The biggest fire was in Spring Valley.

1909: 3" of snow fell at Glenbrook, NV, (east shore Lake Tahoe).

Source: NWS Hanford, Reno, San Francisco/Monterey, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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