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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (May 6)

2013: An EF0 landspout tornado was reported in Bakersfield near the intersection of Old River Rd. and Stockdale Hwy around 7:10 PM PDT. 
No damage was reported, but there was a quite a bit of dust and debris.
Wind speeds were estimated at 50 mph, and this formed in the updraft of a non-severe thunderstorm.

It was 31° F in Escondido, the lowest temperature on record for May.
This also occurred two weeks later on 5.20, the latest freezing temperature of the season on record.

1998: A waterspout was observed one mile west of North Island (San Diego).

1995: It snowed 6" in Idyllwild, the greatest daily snowfall on record for May.
This also occurred on 5.1.1955.

1994: Two funnel clouds were reported in Bakersfield.

1988: It was 20° F in Palomar Mountain, the lowest temperature on record for May.

1977: Palo Alto had a low temperature of 33° F. 

1968: It was 30° F overnight at Paso Robles establishing a new record low for May.

1964: 6" of snow fell at Carson City, NV.

1964: Storm system brought snow down to the lower elevations of the Sierra before ending.
Grant Grove had 12", Huntington Lake 11", Glennville 3.5" at Tehachapi, a trace.
In Yosemite National Park, 10" fell at the South Entrance and 7" in the valley.

1913: The bridge across a gulch west of Watson Gulch (Shasta Co.) was swept away by a flood that poured down the ravine after a cloudburst.
Robert Jordan went to Redding to report the loss of the bridge to Supervisor Sublett, as it was imperative that the bridge be reconstructed quickly.

1912: It rained in Bagdad, CA (Mojave Desert), ending a national record dry stretch of 994 consecutive days that began on 8.16.1909.
(Southern Pacific RR employees kept this debated record).

1896: The morning low temperature at Reno, NV, was 19° F.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, San Diego, & The Redding Record-Searchlight



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