Saturday, June 22, 2019

[californiadisasters] Happy Belated California Disasters 12th Anniversary!

Last May 18th, was the 12th anniversary of the day the doors opened at this store. We have been going strong ever since until more recently. We are turning that around now with an intentionality to be more actively involved with the email list platform of this now-expanded brand.Thanks to each of you for being part of this journey, passively or actively as you may.

In the message history of this group are some fascinating threads which capture the disaster history of the state during the period this group has existed. I regret not being more active here during the past couple of years. My attentions were more focused on the other platforms of this brand and that was overwhelming at times such as during the Carr Fire and Ranch Fire and Camp Fire and Woosley Fire and others in recent years. The 2017 Thomas Fire was the last big event we covered much here. That's okay though. We covered a lot of great stuff a bit further back.

Our coverage of the 2008 Sayre Fire was the stuff of scannerhead legend. If you are ever bored, go back through the archive of messages and read in order. You can easily access message archives via the website interface for this group here:

Tea Fire in Santa Barbara Front on November 13th and the next evening the Sayre Fire on the 14th. I feel strongly about the message archive and hope it is something that can be brought along to I'm looking into that next.

I got the idea for this group while active on Yahoo Groups like SoCalFire and CaliforniasEarthquakeForum and CaliforniaOnlineScanning. I was driving Highway 58 eastbound in the area of Mojave. After conceiving of it I got on the phone and called my then-girlfriend Krissa (you'll see her postings in the archive including the first-ever post for this group). I asked her to create it and gave her my vision of what it would look like as far as purpose and function as I drove along that day and she then set it up. The rest (including our being a couple) is history.  Tempus Fugit.

Kim Patrick Noyes


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