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[californiadisasters] Re: Admin Read: We'll Prolly Xfer To Groups.IO

I have created a version of California Disasters and per instructions for transfer I upgraded to Premium for $110 for one year so I really mean business about this or else I would not pay these people $110. Per their instructions I have invited their robot moderator to join and once it joins will make it a moderator here. Once that happens the transfer will begin. You all will be notified via email. More instructions below:

Easy Yahoo Group Transfer

Have a Yahoo Group that you want to transfer to We've made the process easy. Please read all of the following, as some of it has changed.

What We Transfer

We can transfer members, archives (without attachments, however), photos, files, links and databases. Calendar entries are not copied at this time.

Premium Group Required

For the transfer, we ask that you sign up for the Premium Yearly plan (you can downgrade to free after a year if you wish).

Steps To Transfer Your Group

These steps must be done in this order otherwise the group transfer process will not happen.

  1. Create your new group and upgrade it to premium for a year.
  2. Set up and start the transfer process by clicking the Set Up New Transfer button, below. You'll be asked to select your group and for the name of your Yahoo Group.
  3. Send an invite from your Yahoo Group to
  4. We will accept the invite and then send you an email directing you to make the member a moderator.
  5. After you have made the member a moderator, return here, select your Existing Transfer transfer, and tell us that you are ready for the transfer to happen. Your group must be signed up for the Premium Yearly plan.
  6. Once we receive the go ahead, depending on load, within one business day, we will download the member list of your Yahoo Group and directly add your members to your new group.


  • We do not make any changes to your Yahoo Group. We simply make a copy of everything.
  • We will add all members that are currently confirmed and not bouncing to your group. Members' subscription preferences (email, no email, digest, etc.) will be preserved. Members' posting privileges (group default, override - moderated, etc.) will also be preserved. However, moderator and co-owner status will not be preserved, so all moderators will need to be reinstated after the transfer. If someone is already a member of your new group, we will not change anything about their subscription.
  • Unless you specify otherwise, we will send a notice to every member telling them about the transfer.
  • If you have created a customized welcome message for your group, we will also send that to each member who is not already a member of the new group.
  • We will send an email to the moderators and owners of the group when the transfer is complete.
  • NOTE: If the new group is a subgroup at, you will receive two transfer notices, one for transfering the members to the parent group, and one for transfering the members to the subgroup (all members of a subgroup must be members of the parent group).

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 12:25 PM Kim Noyes <> wrote:
Dear Friends,

I continue to research all the angles of this to see if Groups.IO is a better product (it is) and the direction it is going versus Yahoo Groups. The former keeps adding more features and is clearly interested in not merely maintaining but enhancing their service whereas it is clear Yahell doesn't give a crap about Groups anymore and their Groups service is in the twilight of its run in Internet history.

I'm now predisposed to move us to Groups.IO. I'll keep you posted, but is sounds like it is a fairly easy thing to do with minimal disruption to all of you as far as I can see.

I want to share with  you one interesting anecdote which captures the zeitgeist of the online social media situation at present. Over on SoCalScan Yahoo Group there is an ongoing conversation about encryption for OCFA. These people are a week and a half behind what the rest of the Internet already knows about this. I point this out not to insult those people but to point out how out of touch and behind the times Yahoo Groups has become and those who remain mired there get further and further out of the loop.

California Disasters Founder/Owner



Posted by: Kim Noyes <>

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