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Re: [CaliforniaDisasters] [SoCalScan] Orange County Fire dispatch frequencies

Regarding "decrypting", here in Kern County.....will you be able to help provide me some info on that, as they as starting to go away from regular scanner frequencies here, and include, Sheriff, and Fire as well.....
I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide!!
Thank you so much, 
Gregg De Santis

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For those of you interested in monitoring the OC or wondering about the progress OCFA is making in de-encrypting their radio system:

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This was posted to the MetroNet Facebook page today at 0911 hrs.

Many of our followers are asking for an update on the radio encryption of fire radios. The OC fire chiefs are actively working on a solution, but we discovered the change is more complicated and will take time. In the interim, the fire chiefs agreed to stream dispatch audio in the clear. To do this Metro Net installed hardware to our radios allowing us to stream the audio to Broadcastify.com. The link to our combined two dispatch channels

The fire chiefs will meet again soon to discuss additional steaming channels. For now, you can follow our dispatches at the above link and on many scanner apps. We also stream to the PulsePoint app.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the encryption issue.





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